Open Inquiry

Watercolour — Snow Scene


Materials: Strathmore 140lb 6x9in watercolour pad, QOR Mini 12 colour watercolour paints, a 3/4 wash, size 8 round and size 1 round brush, pencil

Inspired by the snow this morning, I decided to try painting a winter scene. I loosely followed this tutorial video. I think it is my best work so far on this project. There are several things that I think work well. The white highlights that create an uneven edge add interest, and the deep blue shadow in the middle, which I did by brushing water on the paper before adding the blue, add a chilly mood. When the blue paint dried, I saw a shape that looked like a branch-shaped shadow, and I was able to capitalize on this by painting in a branch above it (improvisation!)

I will continue to work on knowing how much water to add to make the paint blend without spreading too far over my pencil lines. I expect this will take a lot of practice! I will also try to pay more attention to the values in the background, as they are a little inconsistent here.


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