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Watercolour Toothless

IMG_4131 2

Materials: Fluid 140lb cold press 8x10in watercolour paper, QOR Mini  12 colour watercolour paints, size 8 round and size 1 round brush, size 2 Micron pen, pencil

This is Toothless, a character from the How To Train Your Dragon movie trilogy. I saw this movie in January and have decided to finally take a shot at painting him. It was good practice at painting in mostly one colour. For his body I mainly used paynes grey which has a very blue tone. For the darker sections I added some red and yellow to the paynes grey to make it appear more black. He turned out a little rough, but I think if I painted him again I could make it much smoother.

For the background I used phthalocyanine blue (green shade), adding more water for the light sections. I like this technique for a background. I used plenty of water and then let the paint dry for a natural looking edge. I also used a scrunched up paper towel to dab away some of the paint to give the impression of clouds.



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