Guest Speaker Jesse Miller

This post is a little late but I wanted to blog about the guest speaker who came to our Technology class on February 21st. Jesse Miller is the founder of mediatedreality.com – an education company focusing on new media education. Jesse gave us information about how teacher’s are using social media, and what kinds of technology related problems might come up in our future teacher careers.

One of the first things Jesse mentioned was how important it is to get consent for any pictures and videos we post online of students. In Canada, student information cannot be stored on servers outside of Canada without signed permission from the parent. This includes iCloud and other cloud storage systems on our personal devices. He also told us that as teachers we have the right to not give consent to our students to post pictures of ourselves or our whiteboards and screens.

As teachers it will be part of our job to teach students digital literacy including not believing everything they see online, online bullying and establishing a digital identity. Understanding social media culture. Developing ethical and empathetic social media users.

We will need to pay close attention to our own digital identities as well because, as teachers, we will likely have our names Googled by parents, staff and students. It is becoming more and more expected that professionals have a social media presence, but at the same time, be cognizant of what we post publicly on our personal social media pages.

One last issue that Jesse spoke about was student cell phones. This is a big issue in schools, both because phones cause a distraction to students and because, when they are used as educational tools, not all students have cell phones. Some schools have banned student phones altogether. My personal belief on this is that students should be allowed to take their phones into school. Phones have become a real part of our everyday lives. They are very useful, but also very distracting even for adults. Therefore, children need to learn when the appropriate time is to use them and when to ignore them.

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